Get your husband to take the kids on an adventure.

DadOut is the first community app for dads and their kids.

We suggest fun activities that match dads and kids up with other dads and kids with similar interests.
Both generations get to hangout and score points with mom at home while they're at it.

DadOut will be free for you to use!
We will only use your details to contact you regarding your interest in DadOut.
Are you a dad?

Get Tips For The Weekend

We find something fun to do for dads and kids this weekend.

They can meet and invite other dads and kids to join. DadOut has the perfect playdate for everyone - no matter the age.


Visit a museum

We will give you weekly suggestions of fun museums to visit with your kids.


Go Swimming

Not sure where to go? We will tell you the best places in town to go swimming at.


Visit a playground

We will recommend which playgrounds you should visit based on the age or your child.


As Simple As It Gets

Bye, group messages and Facebook Groups. Dadout makes communicating, meeting-up, and RSVPs easy.

Always know who's coming, where to meet and what to bring.


Quality Time For Everyone

Enjoyable experiences for dads and kids. Take photos of precious moments to share with the rest of your family.

Let your wife enjoy a quiet afternoon at home, while you get to connect with fellow dads.

Let your kid experience the joy of a fun activity together with new and old friends.

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DadOut will be free for dads to use!
We will only use your details to contact you regarding your interest in DadOut.


" I'm a busy dad, and to be honest my wife thinks I'm not good at planning activities for me and my son - there is some truth to that..

Coming home after a long and stressful day at work I just want to sink down in the couch and relax, sending the occasional text to some friend, asking them if we should do something this weekend. 

The half-hearted planning usually fails and the weekend starts with an argument about what to do.

So me and my friends decided to score some points with the partners and become a better husband and father."

Fredrik Burman

Co-founder at DadOut