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Browse activities and create a meet up

We suggest fun activities, places, and meet-ups that match you up with other dads with kids who have similar interests. Plus, you can host your own spontaneous meetups and invite other dads with kids to join.

Take a dad challenge

Are you a new dad? Are you going on paternity leave? No matter where you are in your dad journey you will find challenges that you can do with your kids and compete with other dads.

Network with other dads

Meet new dad-friends with kids in the same age as yours that share similar interests.

Access exclusive offers

Be the first to get exclusive offers to family related products, insurances, savings, discounts on kids toys and much more.

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Meet-ups tailored to your interests

Find something fun to do with your kids this weekend. Meet and invite other dads with kids to join.

DadOut has the perfect playdate for everyone - no matter the age.

No more arguing about what to do on the next rainy day!

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No clutter

Bye, group messages and Facebook Groups. Dadout makes communicating, meeting-up, and RSVPs easy.

Always know who's coming, where to meet, and what to bring.

Quality Time For Everyone

Experiences for you, by you. Are you going to the park in 2hrs from now? Send out a notification to your dad-friends so that they can meet up with you.

Let your wife enjoy a quiet afternoon at home, while you get to connect with fellow dads.

Let your kid experience the joy of a fun activity together with new and old friends.

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